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have a market in san francisco where the cost of living is sky rocketing like crazy and to maintain that is beyond the means of most people including myself and at a pretty high salary here in san francisco, but we're proposing to cut new hires pays for certain classifications that is significant. that is not keeping up with the growing cost of living. i will stop there -- >> if you would i would like to address the cost of living and we are providing it to all employees and we are unique in this sector for doing so. maybe sonoma is doing it but we are unusual in that. i didn't touch on the two tier. the reason the city proposed -- the city doesn't love having the two tier. we would like one wage rate within a classification but we believe that within the fact it wouldn't affect any current employees and we didn't want to pull the rug out and people should know what we're getting into with a job and all of the classifications and significantly and preserving the gains of comparable worth if bee do that. the two tier is absolutely what the city has done three times since i have
and development in san francisco and provided an invaluable service to the people. and they - the commissioner has responsibility to the statuteship to the plan. i'm here to address the issue of the san francisco general plan. according to the general plan any permit must contribute to the quality of the neighborhood. we feel that this project will degrade the neighborhood and there's a one hundred percent resistance within the association and i'll say virtually a hundred percent within a mile of the project. we do like alternative b and that alternative could be approved by the architectural control committee. there this will reduce the number of buildings to 16 that would be 32. let me show you what that would mean. may have the - there. there is the plan b and the yellow stripe is the existing common area road. the proposed road by the developer is really a stairway there's no road there. should they come into combines they would be given assess >> thank you sir your time is up. >> next speaker please and. good morning my name is d is jeff. in the late generations of my family have been west
with tenants that come before our commission. so, as a resident of san francisco, i am confident that mel will watch out for my interests, my neighbor's interests, your interests, and i'm confident that mel would ensure any development on the port property or be responsible and appropriate for that community. and i am confident that mel will consider how these projects will create jobs. [speaker not understood] how to create revenue for you. ~ to spend. thank you. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. i am here to support the nomination of mel murphy. i won't be singing, you will be glad to hear that. but i wanted to say that i am a recent arrival here in san francisco. i come here having expanded my business from hong kong with my wife. we've come here and opened a business here and went also to ireland. from the moment that i encountered mel, he was such an ambassador for this city, wishing that we connect with the city, you know, making it possible for us to get established here, which i am eternally grateful for. you know, i've got to know him over time and he's become a friend. and ther
. approximately 1,000 jobs during construction, hopefully for san francisco workers and suppliers big and small. when the project is finished, it is estimated we will have 11,000 permanent jobs with all the benefits that will bring to the general fund. the developers engaged in ongoing outreach to organize labor and community advocates. i would like to see more water transportation between piers up and down the bay front. not only will this generate more revenue potential for the department, but more importantly it will make the waterfront, with its beauty and amenities, more accessible to citizens of san francisco and the bay area. i am also very interested in pier 70 master plan or its 67 acre. i am aware september 2008 san francisco voters approved proposition d to preserve and revitalize pier 70. i'm in agreement with the port's vision for pier 70. that creates a vibrant and historic district, a district that reestablishes the historic activity level, activates new waterfront open spaces, creates a center for innovative industry and integrates ongoing ship repair operations. pier 70 is the
, taking this, working with some other departments like san francisco arts, we're creating access for people, creating efficiency with the government being able to manage transactions, creating a platform for people to actually interact with the city on a level that hasn't been done before. so, ideally, using the san francisco rec and park, the future san francisco arts app, using our mobile commerce to manage that is creating jobs, revenue, and efficiency for the public and tourists to be able to navigate san francisco in a way that hasn't been done before. thank you. >> all right. (applause) >> so, we're going to show another application from motion launch, the founder and ceo, john, will be sharing some of the work that they're doing. they're based here out of san francisco and they've got a great announcement to make. >> i am jon mills. i'm ceo of motion loft. we started about three years ago developing sensors that we could place around cities that would give us some analytics on how people move around cities and how vehicles drive around cities. so, currently we have 16 neig
>> good afternoon everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee for wednesday march 6, 2013. my name is supervisor mark farrell. i am the chair and i am joined by supervisor mar and avalos and breed and supervisor wiener will be absent today. i would like to thank the members of the sfgtv staff and our clerk victor young. mr. young, do we have any announcements? >> yes, please si lls all electronic devices and anything that should be part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. the items will appear on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. welcome to our first five person budget meeting. we're going to take item two out of order. >> item two, a hearsay on the mayor, controller, budger and legislative analyst and city departments including balance, short falls and additional revenue. >> thank you and we have kate howard from the mayor's office office and before you begin colleagues we have a standing hearing for budget updates on a weekly basis on certain items of interest. in the next week we will see t
afternoon. my name is [inaudible] and thank you for this time. i work at san francisco general hospital radiology department for 24 years and i would like to know where did you get your comparable to radiology techs that we make 15% more? we work in san francisco general hospital. it's a level one trauma center. i invite you to come. i will exchange job with you for one week to see what you do for you guys, for the citizens of san francisco. there are a lot of people that lost their job they come over there. there are a lot of people they get into traditional accidents we take care of them. >> >> i hope you're not one of them or your family but when you come you're opening a brand-new hospital. how are you going to employ that hospital with the way you're going? this is not going to work. people are leaving. we can't retain people. this is not pushing paper. we are dealing with people's lives there. when people come with gunshot wounds, stab wounds, horrible car accidents and we save lives everyday. we don't sit behind desks. we deal with people's lives and for you to say
places in the city. there is truly a bee hive of activity of the newest innovations that san francisco will be famous for. i also love the fact that just a couple of blocks from here is where our san francisco giants are moving on to the world series. but just in this room, all of you are giants and making sure that san francisco is the world champion when it comes to innovation. >>> 13 years ago, i like all of you started a company. i started in i-ti a technology company in the 1.0 world. it was a company that created technology to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for th
cpmc to continue a baseline level of taking care of charity care in san francisco. this is a need, we know we're going to have to continue regardless of what happens with obamacare. the new term sheet continues that commitment, as well as continues to ensure that additional medi-cal [speaker not understood] patient lives will be protected. about 30,000 charity care patients per year are commited in this new term sheet and an additional 5400 new medi-cal managed care patient lives of which 1500 will come through a primary care provider in the tenderloin are part of this deal. another topic that was very important to the community is around local hire and work force training. as in the original da, cpmc will hire at least 30% of all construction jobs from san francisco, but we have also improved the provisions for future permanent jobs. originally the deal called for 40 jobs a year for five years. we used our local hiring ordinance and i want to thank supervisor avalos for his leadership on that, such that in this deal 40% of new entry level permanent jobs over the next decade which tar
>> please come on up to the microphone and that one. my name is julie pernell and i am a san francisco resident and i am supporting the halls in their business operation at 1 polk street. i am a richmond resident and the halls are my down stairs neighbors and so i have known them for three years and i can tell you with 100 percent support that they will be a huge addition to this neighborhood as business owners. i also in my professional life i have been in the hotel and restaurant business for the past 25 years, and i work for hotel companies that go into emerging neighborhoods and reuse buildings that are in the neighborhood and create businesses in an emerging neighborhoods. and i can tell you that a business like the beer hall, that not only is a wine and a beer bar, in addition to an off-sight, or selling beer and wine, to go, it will be a huge benefit to this neighborhood. it will have a i believe a snow ball effect of other businesses coming to this area and satisfying the current residents and employees in the neighborhood. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> hi
've always wanted to do, but i didn't really have the time for. some of my successes here in san francisco is that i piloted a program with the juvenile corrections programs at a youth guided center. piloted a program called principle collaborative centers here for youth here in san francisco, helping youth out in bayview and hunters point area. people who are marginalized with a lot of disparity, helping them to get into different programs. from there, i worked with the adult populations here in san francisco for over the past 10 years, helping people to get into treatment centers throughout the city of san francisco. most of my work is very much targeted here in san francisco. i currently am a program manager here in san francisco. i also am a certified treatment counselor and currently attending college out at san francisco state university, applying for graduate school to become a social worker. i worked with the mayor with the court systems. aye i'm more familiar with the probation department. i am familiar with the reentry and i am very familiar with incarceration. i served time both
. it pertains to the very constrained area within san francisco and the we don't have a lot of room to expand. if i can take the liability it have that describe transit first that's our battle cry going into the water front planning. this is a quick little spin hopefully going upward. as congestion goes up on the market streets it impacks buses and streetcars that have to fight their way through traffic. people give up on the trains and the buses they stop walking because they don't feel safe we're back to the starting point. this is the trend of what doing nothing points to. this assessment - this map is tilted so that the north is to the right. unfortunately, the color is not coming through but these are the projects. that was a former steelyard. actively there's a development but the effort cities is a much bigger part of pier 70. and there's the makers environment. that's just at pier 70 at 20th and third. the giants have big plans for this area including the housing, commercial recreational. and that's pretty sizeable. then to the far right it is lot 3:30. then the warriors arena. so tho
-- future. >> so, earlier you were talking a little about kind of how san francisco came in in terms of actually ading the officer. more broadly how do you think san francisco compares and what are some of the other cities that are doing really well in terms of open data? >> i should be clear. when san francisco is third, we have a pact. i'll add to that actually. what's great in san francisco is there is not just going to be a chief data officer. there is also the office of civic innovation. jay's team, shannon's team. by having both of those units in place i think there is going to be a really powerful team. because you can't just open up the data. you have to do things like this, where you get the community together or you have people actually talking about it because the demand side, as we were talking about it, will be there because there is going to be someone there. there have to be people working with it who are getting out there. i think this is what this city is going to be really powerful. in terms of other cities doing as well, chicago is doing some really int
year and most employers are subject to this. next slide. in 1978 as was referenced the san francisco commission on women and women library workers conducted a study on city classifications and according to that study women earned 69% of what men earned. notice it's not much higher than 1955. men worked in 1200 classes and women were concentrated under 500 classes. the conclusion of that report said men's jobs pay more with comparable education and experience. the context at the time there was a supreme court case and they ruled title seven covers wage discrimination whether or not the jobs are exactly the same or not, so it was considered a landmark decision. however, in the application of this court case since 1981 there has been a narrowing of the application. a lot of cases have used the bennett amendment to justify pay differentials based on gender, and actually in fact there have been few successful cases of comparable worth violations. the seiu city committee on comparable worth was convened in 1981 as was referenced by supervisor avalos the board passed a resolution stati
for san francisco's early famous ladies. (chuckling). >> i want to point out the building here at 660 mission street, which i believe is an unreinforced masonry building retrofitted, seismically upgraded. once it is seismically upgraded, it is safe, right? >> when you seismically upgrade it, it is to a standard it doesn't collapse, but it may not be reusable or repairable. >> it was an economic decision of how much money the city could afford versus the benefits to retrofit the buildings. >> we have done about 90% of the upgrade. the standard is low enough that in a major upgrade most will have to be replaced and we lose these beautiful buildings. many of the details are not what they appear to be. these are sheet metal details and trims. sheet metal cornices. san francisco was famous for the sheet metal work. when you go into the sheet metal shop, the whole front of the building is made of sheet metal. that is pacific? no, powell. >> i trick on how you can date old brick buildings, after the '06 earthquake they made windows with steel plates. before that earthquake if you see an ar
populations here in san francisco for over the past 10 years, helping people to get into treatment centers throughout the city of san francisco. most of my work is very much targeted here in san francisco. i currently am a program manager here in san francisco. i also am a certified treatment counselor and currently attending college out at san francisco state university, applying for graduate school to become a social worker. i worked with the mayor with the court systems. aye i'm more familiar with the probation department. i am familiar with the reentry and i am very familiar with incarceration. i served time both in state and federal facilities in the united states. for me, it's been a life journey, but it's everything that's allowed me to become who i am today, which is a person who loves to reach out and help another person get his life back on track. some of the things i've experienced here in san francisco is homelessness, long-term drug addiction, all those problems i've overcome. today i work in and out of the county jails, out of san bruno, [speaker not understood] brightvthv. i
preservation issues and as a historian. preservation of san francisco's significant built environment necessarily involves educating and explaining property owner's role in historic preservation. since i was in college in boston in the late 1970s, i've been committed to the preservation, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historical buildings. one of the projects that i worked on back then was a very early searchable database for the cataloging of over 1300 architectural drawings by prominent boston area architects of the early and mid 19th century. my thesis project at tufts university was used in research for the rehabilitation of the president's house at boston university and during that period i assisted the prominent new england architectural historian in research and photography for articles and books that she published. to demonstrate my continuing involvement outside of my works for the past five years i've been the program coordinator of a volunteer organization in los altos that has saved a house designed in 1939 by richard noitra who is considered to be one of the most in
and neighborhoods in san francisco. with that said, welcome and enjoy tonight's event. (applause) >> thank you, christina. so, before we jump into the fire works, as you would say, let's take a few seconds here and just go over some of the elements of tonight's event. so, tonight we're going to be giving out 12 awards. for those of you that came to the first nen awards, you recall it finished about an hour ago. so, we've modified the format in the last two years. so, tonight what will happen is that tonight we will hear from the people that nominated the winners who will dive deep into talking about thighs illustrious individuals and organizations. and the individuals will receive the award. now, tonight the people that will be making remarks from this podium will be the people receiving the hall of fame award and the lifetime achievement award. the balance of the individuals and organizations that will receive awards are going to be interviewed by our nen tv film crew in the north court during the reception. you can watch the interviews and how their feelings of joy and passion about receivin
>> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, march the fifth, 2013. madam collect, could you please call the roll? >> yes. supervisor avalos? avalos present. supervisor breed? breed present. supervisor campos? campos present. supervisor chiu? chiu present. supervisor cohen? cohen present. supervisor farrell? farrell present. supervisor kim? kim present. supervisor mar? mar absent. supervisor katy tang? tang present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. supervisor yee? yee present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> thank you. i want to welcome our newest supervisor, supervisor katy tang to [speaker not understood]. (applause) >> and with that, ladies and gentlemen, could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. [inaudible] >> colleagues, we have our january 29th, 2013 board meeting minutes. can i have a motion to approve those minutes? motion by supervisor farrell, seconded by supervisor kim. without objection, those meeting minutes will be approved. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> there are no communications, mr.
an extended family of about 25 san francisco firefighters clul my father who served on the san francisco fire department. my main certain is fire safety. members of the commission this project is unsafe from a fire standpoint. basically because the fir people call the escape route is grossly inadequate. first of all, the san francisco fire code provides that i must have an assess road or an escape route a minute of 25 feet wide unobstructed. this project allows parking on both sides of the street that reduce the width of the road to rou roughly 15 to 16 feet. this project is flat out in violation of the san francisco fire code in that the roads escape roads are not 20 feet wide unobstructed and continuance. the second point equally important is anybody who has studied forest areas first of all, it's dangerous to have only one escape route but if you have an escape route that is less than 20 feet wide it's asking for problems. example one is the height lands disfavor in 1991 in the oakland fire. that particular tragedy was that people tried to leave. 11 people died including 6 going in their c
in support of jonathan pearlman's candidacy as san francisco historian for the perez r vation commission. although as a physician and epidemiologist, my own career was environmental health, teaching at harvard, ucla, uc berkeley, and then for 27 years heading up environmental health research at the california department of public health. ~ i grew up with a family of architects. after my retirement, i have been helping cal poly pomona restore the historic 1932 studio residences designed by my father, richard noytra, one of the founders of california modern. i have been visiting with other historic modernist house museums around the world to learn about their restoration and programming. i was invited to serve on the program committee of the noytra house in los altos. it was originally a small residence of poet jacqueline johnson, designed by my father in the late 1930s. it has been restored and adaptively reused as an intimate conference venue. i have had the pleasure of working with mr. pearlman on his program committee. what i have noticed about mr. pearlman is this. he understands not
>> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building
the san francisco arts commission. >> her statement frightens me. i'm an arts person. this is san francisco, we're in a unique situation in that we really do -- our whole city lich on creativity. and we like to encourage it and also manage it at the same time. the street smarts program that i manage which is funded by dpw is a public/private partnership. all public mural art or any sort of public art has to be funneled through our commission and we have to give permission to do that. but when you're dealing with a private property owner it's slightly different because they basically have -- they have ownership of their property and ownership of what goes on that property. but at the same time, if they do put something up like a sunflower or what have you and the neighborhood is against it, how do you manage that? because technically it's their right to put that up. so, in our program, because we did have an incident where there was a complaint from a neighbor, we have encouraged the property boehner to take the rendering from the artist and share it with their neighborhood associa
and more importantly what i'm doing now the last several years in the community of san francisco, helping people reenter the community one day at a time. thank you very much. >> supervisor cohen, do you have a question? >> yes, i do, thank you. can you tell me, i might have missed it in your presentation, what kind of work are you doing within the reentry community now? >>> so, part of what i do in custody with the inmates every day is we do planning for reentry -- >> planing? >>> planning, reentry planning. everybody who is going to get out, we make them do -- we help them assess them and do a reentry plan so they can better navigate through the system once they get out, they're able to stay out. we meet with them. my colleague has a clothing store, we give clothing to. we meet them at meetings. we stay connected to them once they're out of custody. >> is that paid work or volunteer work? >>> that's volunteer. that's after 4:00. >> thank you very much. i have no further questions. >> thank you. >>> okay. >> is dennis kinkle here? >>> hi, how are you? as you well know, i have a term or mu
report was in today's packet there was a mention that there was a san francisco parking minute manual now. we specifically ask that somebody give us the ideas up to date apparently that step was skipped. we want to know the philosophy where they are going to be put and this might be a moment for the department indeed to present the key ideas of this manual in the context of this form and everyone else can hear it. >> commissioner. >> yeah. a couple of things i understand there is a settlement that will come back, to us there is some changing in the size and i think we'll have to approve that. i'm, of course, on that and i'll have more comments as to the settlement when it comes before us. i've been working for 2 to 3 months with the tenants in two different forms at the address of 3974. the upper portion is being coupled by the tenants. i've had agreement on the impact i think it seems to be mitigating the business stress there are issues that have to be worked out separately from the impact but there's going to be a look back on this particular project and i'm happy to see the progres
it's appropriate we need the density but i think one of the beautiful things l about san francisco we have divert however, there's another part of this whole story what happened was people were fleeing san francisco to live in oakland, berkeley in resident parks because they didn't want to be so dense and there was no plays for it to be built and san francisco developed like st. france, lakeside village and later forest hill and we speak about forest hills it provided a place for lack of a better term people in what would be upper-middle class could live in an area that wasn't so dense. now we're building almost no single-family homes in san francisco. and what is happening is people with families what are looking particularly for a new home are forced out of san francisco. if they buy an older home there's in bad shape. or they're forced into homes where the neighborhoods are used for other things other than housing and it's not a pleasant place. i'd like love to see this move forward as proposed by the neighbors with fewer sites. i think we heard from an expert in housing prices
operating in the u.s. >>> tomorrow kicks off the new season of "sunday streets" in san francisco. kicks off long three miles of the embarcadero from fisherman's wharf to pier 52. much of the embarcadero will be closed to traffic toso keep that in mind if you're in the area. >>> just ahead, fighting back against bullies. the new program that can make a difference for kids. >>> princesses for a day. the giveaway that helped teenagers go to the prom. >>> a forrous saturday. look at that. what's ahead tomorrow? leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: the sharks better be careful. they're capable of playing themselves out of knost season. the men in teal score three >> ama: new at 6:00, the san francisco police department is helping tackle bullying. kids from the tenderloin boys and girls club got to meet linebacker stan williams,; according to the organizers, these sessions give them positivity. >> after after encounter with us, i see the positivity the next time. they're ecstatic to go to school and do their homework. they want to work. they want to get better. >> ama: do the homework. followi
destroyed on the spot. >> new at 11:00, firefighters in san francisco are mopping up a house fire in the haight neighborhood. it begin just after 9:00 tonight. it started in garage and spread to the house. the fire was out in 30 minutes and there were no injuries. >> we have new video to show you from thursday's memorial for the two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. butch baker and elizabeth butler were honored at hp pavilion in san jose. this is personal video from officer sam courtney of the highway patrol. he was with the motorcade from santa cruz to san jose, this is how it looked as he made along the highway with fellow officers. you can see the hundreds of people who lined the procession as the officers rode to the memorial. >>> work on the bay bridge is ahead of schedule. that means eastbound drivers will be allowed to use the span as originally planned. they begin pouring concrete on the last piece of the bridge deck. it tooblgd oat easternmost section known as the oakland touchdown. it covers the equivalent of three football fields. >> it will take tw
with something that will work here in san francisco. the police department, the hotels and the airlines paid for airfare, hotel, these cards and so they were able to come back and testify, assaults on tourists dropped to nothing. so it works. so contact honolulu pd and if you contact say hi to the chief fradis i knew him when he worked in richmond, california and they insulted him and did not make him chief there, it was hawaii's gain, aloha, practice and make sure that if you want to go to hawaii get the kamaana rate, there is one and that is all that i am going to say, ten seconds to spare. i am good. missed you. >> thank you. >> good evening, >> good evening. brings to the forefront, people it is taser time and we dragged our feet for three years around here and it was in the chronicle and it was a great article and the police commission was dragging its feet and that is correct. we started with miss fong and chief granod went for it and the chief is going for it, we can't get a bolt in the police commission? what is the problem people? it is a simple vote. go and get it, i think that we
when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's w
accounting corridor study and interesting san francisco state as that on yes, i do up $30,000 just to show how interested they were. when they think they're actually getting the transportation planning before their needing it they're interested in writing a check. this is not just one project by one project but all 3. >> i really do understand how for this will be for the velocities to have this demonstrate define ahead of time before they even break ground. could you just touch briefly what the benefit is to the people who don't see as much in the development as they're worried about accident effects that that development is bringing and this is really helping us to get ahead thought possible congestion in that area. and it's not only going to speed up the process for developers but then speeds i think the help we offer to our pedestrians and your - bicycles. and if the classic way to do planning is wait until the 11th hour and have the department say oh, mta you're supposed look at it ahead of time and gives all the detailed. let's go beyond san francisco and to do as much work
. that's at the top. our home page. reporting live in san francisco, sear -- kira klapper, abc7 news. >> there's a crash on the avenue that left three people dead. all cut out of a car struck brawled side by another vehicle. it happened short love by 8:00 last night. police are trying to piece together what led up to the crash. the second driver stayed at the scene but the police want to talk to any witnesses. >> any witnesses tell you about anything that transpired. >> thatafter right now. we are investigating the collision and it's very early in the vision so there will be a lot of work 20 do. >> the sole survivor in the car that was hit is being held for observation at the hospital. detectives have not had the chance to interview him yet. >>> bay area neighbors tired of being afraid of now taking crime fighting into their own hands. abc news reporter has more. >> they want to see more than families enjoying themselves here but instead they are seeing the opposite. >> we've seen the break-ins, we've seen vandalism at the park. that's why the hammond park neighborhood association ha
for the city and county of san francisco. he provides the leadership necessary and trains the new painter and willingly shares his knowledge. he's the primary lead guy. he communicates effectively. he makes my job easier. thank you. again ron. >> on behalf of the board congratulations. we'd love to meet your fan club here, too. my supervisors. >> we were given other awards recently. >> anybody who works in our agency you would know it takes a lot of skill to do what we do. (calling names). we have a great group of individuals in our shop and this couldn't be possible without them. thank you very much i'm very honored. >> thank you. mr. reiskin. >> next i want to ask from the traffic division a couple of men. today, we're recognizing 3 gardeners. but this is maybe some, some of the less visible folks that makes muni what it is. we have landscaping that is under our responsibility and while people may not know that and think it's part of the city public right away of the landscape we're responsible for this how we contribute to the city. two people are not here that are responsible fo
. >> thank you. yeah, i think here in san francisco the difference between graffiti and art is the permission. i hope i appreciate our anonymously written questions. [laughter] >> all right. anybody else have an answer to that one? so, we'll move on to the next one. i'll take somebody from the audience and come back here. good, i'm seeing some hands go up. we'll go with you, if you want to stand up. >> my question is about liabilities. if you're doing something that the original tagger, the vandal, let's say, did, and now you're using volunteers to paint it out, what -- has anybody considered the possibility if you don't have police accompaniment to the rehabilitation of that wall, that it's very possible that the person that tagged it is not going to want to see it painted out and might behave in an adversarial situation, perhaps danger? inclusive of the fact that on the other side of the coin is let's say you've got volunteers, you've got kids that work in on the wall. and a possibility of this hazardous material affecting them in some negative way so that later on down the road, those peop
to see everybody's neighbor -- all our neighbors' gardens. because of the way san francisco s you get to be veuyer because usually you have to go through their garage or their house to see the gardens. and ruth gets known through the neighborhood because she's constantly peeking over fences and leaving fliers in people's mailboxes saying, do you want to be on the garden tour, and all this sort of thing. but anyway, so, we've -- just to show you how much the neighborhood has gotten to know each other, all the people in the portola, wave your hand. [cheering and applauding] >> and this is only a small representation. and six years ago i would say maybe a dozen of us knew each other, and now we know hundreds of people in our neighborhood. and we've become so desirable from a real estate standpoint, we have multiple offers on houses and they all go for over asking. (applause) >> so, if you want to know how to do a garden tour, ruth wallace is your woman. come on up, ruth. (applause) [cheering and applauding] >> thanks. thank you. we'd like to take over the show. i just want to say it's a
the first part of your question again if i could get you to stand up and we'll talk to the san francisco police department here. >> first part of my question was perhaps more urgent. we represent this table, and over here oakland california. and you're aware of the violent nature in that city. >> of course, yeah. >> what i'm concerned with is you have do gooders and they're painting out something that the nortenas have painted and want to stay up there and they don't really observe nighttime hours versus daytime hours. so, how do we protect the possibility of some violence being put upon these people that are doing the good work? >> so, you're thinking more like the retaliation from taggers of the people that are abating the tagging. >> you just have to educate them. try to make them aware of what's gang graffiti and what's tagger graffiti. either way it's going to be dangerous. there is a lot of violence in the taggers. they get into fist fights. i've arrested tagers with knives and brass knuckles. i've heard stories of guns being taken off tagers. it is a violent culture or has aspects
and requested a towboat. but rough sees kept it from reaching them. >>> san francisco state students celebrated arbor day by planting trees in their neighborhoods. the event was part of the week long celebration for the university's new president. they planted trees along junipero serra boulevard with help from the city department of public works. >> they care about the environment and the beauty of trees and you know what? we're all trying to make san francisco look better every day. >> arbor day is actually arbor week in california. it kicked off two days ago. >>> scammed out of a trip to the halfiest place on earth. a woman -- the happen yost place on earth. a woman caught selling bogus tickets and how police caught her. >> a local project helping teens in need go to the prom. >>> good evening, what a spot- on seasonal day we had across the bay area. that's a look from dublin, where today it was 68 degrees. currently, 60. now the day that will pan out to be th warmest. the forecast is coming up. save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest
to stop the gun shows from happening. the new bill would require approval from san francisco and san mateo before it could go on. >> joining us live is state senator mark leno. >> good morning. >> good morning. what is the point of this bill? >> for years now the top priority for the neighborhood surrounding the area is to get the gun show out of cow palace. we've tried to ban them. senator spear a few years ago -- actually nine years ago introduced the first bill. i got a bill to schwarzenegger's desk. he vetoed it. we're not trying to ban anything now. as repeated, keep the decision making closer to those who will be impacted by the decision made. >> let's be honest here. you're out to ban gun shows at the cow palace. you're just saying rather than the state doing it, we want to give the locals the power to do it, but the ultimate goal is to ban gun shows. my question is why? >> the bill will require that the board of supervisors of each county, even though the land is own by the state, approve a resolution saying we support a gun show. i can'
43 years in san francisco. here's what they told me a few minutes ago. >> it's a party and a parade and kind of a celebration of us moving and all the work that we have been doing here to bring this to a new location. >> not a coincidence this big event is coinciding opening day of sunday streets. as carolyn said, three miles of the embarcadero will be closed from fisherman's wharf to pier 52. everyone can enjoy this beautiful city in which we live it. it goals from eleft tone four this afternoon. merchant groups, a rock climbing call, food and art. there's too much to name. it's here only the embarcadero and green street. also actual location necessary the bay view and the mission district. it all ends here, though. there's a party here tonight until 10:00. the mechanical octopus will be set on fire, as i'm told. there's no other way too put. if you would like to learn more information about the exhibit go to our website and click on see it on tv. live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> sounds fun. thanks, kira. abc7 is the official tv partner of the exploratorium. we ar
and it has the highest point of elevation in san francisco hitting a whopping 928 feet. mt. davidson provides a peaceful 30-acre owe ace and great hiking trails. the spectacular views offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise or suffer sun set with someone you louvre, wear sturdy shows to conquer the stone trails and denly inventory advantage gives you hikers the sensation of being in a rain forest it's quite a hike to the top here at mount davidson but the view >> hi, i'm with building san francisco. and we have a special program of stay safe today where we're going to talk about what you can do to your home after an earthquake to make it waterproof and to be more comfortable. we're here at spur in san francisco, this wonderful exhibit of safe enough to stay. and this is an example of what your home might be like after an earthquake. and we have today with us ben latimer from tvan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll talk about things you can do you don't have to be a professional contractor to make your home more livable after an earthquake. >> i want to talk about things a
throughout the west side of san francisco. we're we are going to educate people about fire protection and community spaces but to actively solicit feedback. we've had the benefit of feedback from our many workshops and presentations to the neighborhood organizations and also one-on-one small group meeting. plus we've been able to reach a significant larger audience. we've made changes to our proposal and we added a supports court and a request for more parking. which we went ahead and are requesting two to 1 parking 68. i grew with the neighborhoods and it's skater of public transportation i hope you'll support this request. we found people who like family sized homes are welcome in this area. we would like the endorsements to win over a lot of people's support. there is opposition to any feasible development and the fact is when i bought this property we knew that was the case and we've made every effort to reach out. we've approached the neighborhoods with the suggestion as a larger part of the agreement we want to provide pedestrian street lighting and also traffic coming issues li
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